Cheque and voucher scanner

  • 2-in-1 device Scanning and printing in one unit
  • Fast and accurate High-speed 200dpm scanning
  • Wide endorsement area Print all necessary information
  • Easy to operate No specialist training needed
  • Reliable Parts last the device’s lifetime.


Epson TM-S2000MJ Compact Desktop Scanner for Financial Institutions

Setting new standards in speed and accuracy, the TM-S2000MJ scans cheques and vouchers at up to 200dpm, and has a 100-sheet automatic sheet feeder for convenient processing of multiple items. Double feed detection ensures only one item is processed at once, while automatic skew correction and background noise filtering enhance scan legibility. Errors are virtually eliminated with an MICR recognition accuracy of 99.9 percent.

The TM-S2000MJ has an extra-large endorsement printing area of up to 16 lines with a 2-inch height. This saves time and improves security by enabling cheque printing at the counter in front of the customer, instead of in the back office. In addition to all the necessary information for endorsement, the large printing area can accommodate marketing messages and brand logos.

Utilizing Epson’s heritage in inkjet printing and scanning, the TM-S2000MJ offers peace of mind with Epson’s proven reliability. All parts last for the life of the device, with only consumables needing replacement. The TM-S2000MJ can be equipped with an optional magnetic stripe reader for debit and credit, plus an optional USB hub for connecting additional devices.

What is in the box?

  • 2 x Ink cartridge
  • AC adapter
  • J
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • User manual